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Excellang methodology for adults to learn French online


Excellang has created its own learning programme for adults.

This programme was built thanks to an extensive research of existing methods combined with personal experience as a teacher as well as a learner.

            >  Course adapted to your level, your pace and also your schedule
            >  Practice approach: total immersion in the language to gain confidence in speaking


           >  Friendly, stimulating and fun environment: be comfortable in your learning

           A range of challenging support materials


        >  Levels: Common European Framework of Reference


Levels classed into six categories. The CEFR is an international standard  followed by most notable language institutes and tests. 

        > Assessment: regular evaluations according to the DELF diplomas requirements. (

       > For more details click here

1. Ask us for all the information you need

Excellang Sylvie Desaintjean Language tutoring French online

The 5 steps to start learning with us 

2. Book your free evaluation hour

3. Finalise your assessment and set your objectives during  your free 1h lesson

4. Sign your contract

5. Get started on your personalised programme

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