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Excellang language tutoring French, online tutoring


Excellang was created in 2017 by Sylvie Desaintjean.

Sylvie is French, she speaks French, English and Spanish. After obtaining her BA in English, she moved to England where she graduated as a Certified Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages.

During her nine years of living in England, Sylvie taught French and Spanish in several cities and to a wide range of students.

Back in France in 2013, she taught English in high school and gave private lessons for adults and children. When a notorious chain company recruited her in 2017, Sylvie decided to start her own business, Excellang.

Empowered by her excellent knowledge of French and English educational systems, Sylvie has developed her own modern and entertaining teaching methodology.

Passionate, conscientious and professional, Sylvie places at the heart of her approach the listening and the confidence in order to allow you to feel comfortable and to reach your objectives.

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  • 2017:  Start of Excellang

  • 2013 - 17: English private tutor, children and adults - France

  • 2013 - 14: English teacher, private High School - France

  • 2011: French GCSE (Writing) Examiner, Edexcel - London

  • 2004 - 13: French and Spanish teacher, primary and secondary schools across England

 French, classes, course, teach, lesson, online, tutoring, languages, one to one private classes qualified


  • 2006: PGCE Modern Foreign Languages, University of Nottingham, England

  • 2004: BA (English / American Language and History), University of Pau, France



Anybody can learn anything. We just need different approaches and different paces, but we all get there in the end.


Get your confidence back. Making yourself comfortable to embrace your learning. 


We love our job! We know how learners feel and think as we have been there ourselves. Understanding is one of the keys towards excellent teaching. 

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