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We make learning languages possible and we will show you what you are capable of!

At Excellang, we teach French online to every single  one of you and we care.

Contact us for your first free online lesson!

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 Want to learn French but don't know where to start?

We create an individual learning programme for you.

Excellang online French tutoring with a professional
You don't think you can do it or you are worried about embarrassing yourself?

We help you build your confidence.

 excellang language tutoring french français cours particuliers en ligne
Still traumatised by the memories of your high school teacher...?

We make learning fun and interesting.

Excellang Languages French one to one classes online
Know the basics and want to consolidate your learning, or want to improve - give us a call!

We focus on what you need.

At Excellang, we believe learning should not be a chore.

Expectations are:

Excellang Languages  French classes with fun
Excellang French courses online

Best Teacher

Best Student

1. Be on time and be prepared
2. Listen to you, respond to your needs
3. Be motivating and encouraging (tough when needed)
1. Be on time and be prepared
2. Listen to the advice given, you are dealing with professionals
3. Never give up and never underestimate yourself
4. Be available for support
5. Be professional at all time
6. Honesty and respect is the key
7. In short: be there for you! We have the same goal at heart: for you to succeed!
4. Ask questions and ask for help!
(And yes, there are  "silly" questions...but it doesn't matter)
5. Be committed to your learning at all time
6. Honesty and respect is the key
7. In short: Believe what the teacher tells you, it is our job to accompany you through your learning journey
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